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Harlem Hair Emporium

     Bleaching or coloring the hair will change hair texture, sometimes the hair will be damaged if these are not done properly, so we always suggest you take advice from a professional hair stylist. And a hydrating, deep conditioning and moisturizing the hair must be done for at least 30 minutes.


    The following are general tips everyone should follow in taking care of their straight, body wave or curly hair. 

1. Treat the hair extensions like your own hair, taking good care of them will extend the hair life.

2. Always use a heat protectant before using heat. 

3. Do not sleep when your hair is wet. Fourth,weft sealing is very important if you want to reduce shedding.


     All hair weaves from New Star can last more than one year if with good maintenance and strong weft sealing. While different hair types with various textures need to be maintained specially.

Our virgin Brazilian body wave hair can be straightened, it requires weekly washing and conditioning, a light oil such as argan will keep hair healthy and moisturized. While Brazilian curly is coarser than other textures we have, it needs daily care to maintain its natural state. Here are a step-by-step advice on care for your Brazilian hair.


     Detangling - run fingers through the hair first, then use large tooth comb, smooth the hair with a paddle brush, style the hair as desired.

Washing - use gentle shampoo, wash the hair weaves from root to end, do not rub the hair, rinse the hair thoroughly.

     Conditioning - after rinsing the hair with clean water, apply a certain amount of conditioner on the hair. Use a wide tooth comb to brush to make sure conditioner applied evenly. Let the conditioner moisturize hair for about 20 minutes.

     Curling - use flexible rods or curl wand. Add Aragan oil when curling your wet hair.


How to Bring Brazilian Body Wave Back?

Harlem Hair Emporium virgin Brazilian body wave hair is very sexy and exotic in its wavy pattern. It is true body wave hair, water alone can make the hair wave back up. While after being worn for a long time, the hair tends to lose the wavy pattern and go straight. To restore the curls in your Brazilian body wave hair, you should wash the hair first to remove any chemical build up you have added before. Simply use a curling wand to regain the original curly beauty. However, it is best to use flexi rods because it could create longer lasting curls than curling wand. After removing the flexi rods on your hair, use fingers to comb and style, you will find our Brazilian body wave hair is a good investment if properly maintained.

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