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About Us

Harlem Hair Emporium offers three types of straight hair bundles, including Brazilian straight hair,  and Body Wave ,Peruvian straight, Malaysian and Indian straight. Each of them adopts real human virgin hair that is cut from single one donor. The hair of each straight bundle is never processed, we do not use any chemical when cleaning the human hair after collecting them, the cuticles on the hair are kept complete, facing the same direction, when you run your fingers through the hair or combing, you will feel. The full cuticles on the hair also help the hair to maintain their original status, for example, the hair will not easily get tangled and matted. The weft of each bundle is strongly sealed by machine, so the hair will never shed if you properly use them. For longer usage of the hair, please do a regular conditioning, the hair will maintain their original texture and softness for a long time.

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